Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Author's Reflections- Comics #461-463





My main goal in these comics was to continue showing Bumblebee and Maxi-Megs’ relationship, being able to use Unicron, Galvatron and Nemesis Prime was simply an added bonus. The ‘small boy becomes unlikely friends with monster’ theme worked with the two of them. I love when Nemesis Prime gets slapped off panel by Maxi-Megs in comic #461. At the time I thought Unicron revealing the time manipulation by Optimus and Primus in comic #462 would have a bigger impact on the characters but I had way too much planned for the story to implement it properly. #463 is my favorite of these three comics. It was dumb, but I think the upgraded Mini-Megs slapping Unicron’s hand turned out so great.

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