Monday, March 19, 2012

Author's Reflections- Comic #90


I realized I was close to strip 100 so I decided to bring this story to a close so I could do something big for it. I thought it would be funny that the leaders couldn’t really come up with any ideas to resolve their current dilemma, but Hot Shot was insightful enough to remember the little blue holes sent all over whenever the main one exploded. The little blue holes being scattered wasn’t I noticed at this point and utilized, it was a conscious decision from the very first explosion. At that time I thought I’d keep the holes scattered and have new Knockoffs come and go from the strip. In the end I thought keeping just one hole open would serve the same purpose so I scrapped that idea. The last exchange between Rodimus and Optimus would certainly have sounded better as “Who died and made you leader?” “YOU did.”, but really Optimus never died in my strip so I added the ‘in this universe’ tagline and it hurt the punchline from my perspective.

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