Monday, March 19, 2012

Author's Reflections- Comics #82-84




The background in this strip turned out better than it had in the past (in my opinion anyway). The Mortal Kombat screenshot there is one I had taken a few weeks prior after I had made a custom character based on the Transformers character Bludgeon (on the left of the screen). I liked that the Champions’ annoyance level was what was messing up Teletraan’s systems. It set up the next few strips pretty well. As soon as I decided on a definitive characterization for the Champions, their names came surprisingly easy. Azlan is obviously from the Narnia stories, and Toro is a strong sounding name connected to bullfighting. Crimson Wing and Packhunter are my own brainchild, and admittedly two of my favorite names I’ve come up with for new characters. I haven’t given them much character development outside of their Biography cards so they really come off as being too similar in the strip. Hopefully that’s something I can fix at some point. I was really excited when I came up with the idea of Optimus turning Hot Rod into Rodimus Prime just to get out of dealing with the Champions.

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