Monday, March 19, 2012

Author's Reflections- Comics #80 & 81



#80 & 81

Since the readers on TFW2005 seemed to like the Peanut Gallery characters I thought I’d give them their own little adventure within the storyline. Cliffjumper wanting to poke the hole with a stick was totally random but something I thought was funny (thankfully some of the readers said they did too!). The explosion resulted in the Champions being introduced. I went through several different ideas for these four toys before settling on what made it into the strip. The most prominent one that has stuck in my head was introducing them as the ‘Kosherbots’ and give them Jewish stereotypes as characterization, but a) I thought it might be offensive to some and b) the no religion talk rule on the chat board gave me serious second thoughts; even though I wasn’t going to come out and have any type of religion jokes it would be obvious enough it made me worried. So thankfully I came up with the idea of portraying them as self-proclaimed super heroes. “By the Files of Mount Hard Drive” is probably one of my personal favorite lines so far, even if it did go unnoticed by readers. I really liked how Hound, Cliffjumper and Hot Shot just didn’t want to deal with them so sent them in Optimus’ direction. In the original script I has written in that Hound would fully give them the name Optimus Prime, but changed it when I had the idea for the next strips…

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