Monday, December 2, 2013

Author's Reflections - Comics #112-113




Looking back on them, I honestly could have lumped both of these strips together into one comic. With Rodimus still carrying the Matrix I thought it would be fun to add some conflict between him and Optimus, who was technically still in charge despite not holding the Matrix. Rather than portray Rodimus and an unsure borderline whiny character like he was in season 3 of the G1 cartoon I made him totally confident and enjoying his role as leader. It was really the turning point in Hot Rod/ Rodimus Prime’s characterization in my comic…up until now he was seen as an eager youngster eager to please Optimus in comparison to the power hungry sarcastic character who’s fed up with his leader’s incompetence he’s seen as now. But, as usual I’m getting ahead of myself and that’s something that can be discussed at further length later on.

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