Monday, December 2, 2013

Author's Reflections - Comic #115

I was still at a loss where to take the story so I had no script or pictures ready and I remember thinking I’d take a few weeks off to get everything figured out. Then I came up with the idea of featuring Ultra Magnus, Kup and Springer in their own little story that pertained to the underlining story arc as well. Ideas came pouring in, but I needed a way to introduce them into the story. Since I hadn’t planned on posting the strip for awhile the idea of ‘showing’ the three characters in a darkened closet and letting the dialogue move the story along. In fact I vaguely recall running home during my lunch break at work to take the picture for the Peanut Gallery panel so I could get going on it the same day. I won’t go into detail right now about who the mysterious voice was that showed the three out of the closet…it took me 255 comics and nearly two years to find the perfect opportunity to make the big reveal, but I knew exactly who I wanted it to be at this point. I’ll be talking more about that in  255 more commentaries!

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