Thursday, April 10, 2014

Author's Reflections- Comic #116

Without giving too much away as to who the voice from the last strip was, a big clue was the sarcastic, almost insulting tone from the letter he left. Enough said about that. I got a big kick out of the part of the strip Ultra Magnus is excited to be a part of the action and name-drops several Autobots who Optimus apparently liked better than him, then in the next panel those same Autobots’ “phone numbers” are listed in the letter so the trio can contact them when they run into trouble. I like the Peanut Gallery panel since it was true, Ultra Magnus did far more in the cartoon in his one season appearance than Cliffjumper did in the previous two. Granted, Cliffjumper’s absence in season 3 is mainly due to Caser Kasem’s departure as a voice actor on the show, but it still worked to have Hound throw that tidbit in to rub it into my Cliffjumper’s face.

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