Monday, April 14, 2014

Author's Reflections- Comic #131

Thankfully this is the final set of pictures I shot with the annoying smudge on the camera lens. Looking back at these comics I cringe, wishing I’d thought of cleaning the camera sooner. I’d really enjoy that story arc more if the pictures were more pleasing to look at. This also ends the first Unicron story line. Optimus and Hot Rod were getting along again, Ultra Magnus, Springer and Kup were locked back in the closet and everything was sewn shut again…well except, for the ‘Voice in Air’ which Hot Shot points out in the peanut gallery panel, but that gets handled later…MUCH later. I have to say my personal favorite part of the comic is Optimus and Hot Rod’s ‘fist bump’ and Optimus saying ‘Yeah we cool yo’ but of course I was very happy with the ending. I really think in spite of the awful pictures this has definitely got to be one of my better written endings to a long story arc.

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