Friday, April 18, 2014

Author's Reflections- Comic #145

By this point I wanted the general mood of the comics to be frantic and I thought setting off the Decepticons into a frenzy first was the way to go. Like the other comics in the story arc by now, the comic is very short and simple, but I do like the Decepticons ‘acting like Decepticons’ by running away screaming. And Megatron’s realization that his troops were running toward the Blue Hole was a great way to give the major clue of where the story was going next. When I originally wrote this comic I got so excited when I remembered I had left the Blue Hole leading to Knockora-Offina open. It was the perfect solution.
I also rather enjoy the little tag ending of Wheelie getting brutalized by the cadre of Prowls. I had fun drawing the bandages and bruises on him. I have to say I’m still pretty proud of the ‘police brutality’ rhyme!

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