Thursday, April 10, 2014

Author's Reflections- Comic #117

In the cartoon, Springer and Ultra Magnus were pretty stereotypical soldier characters with no standout attributes, but Kup being an old guy always telling stories of the ‘good old days’ was something I could grasp onto and exploit to make for an interesting characterization in the comic. Admittedly my template for Kup’s rebooted ‘super old’ depiction was Grandpa Simpson, but he is a clich√© old person anyway so although I used a few lines from The Simpsons it’s a broader stereotype than just that TV character. This marks the first time Hot Shot showed some form of cleverness, and I made sure I punctuated that by giving the trio an extra panel for Hound and Cliffjumper to stare at him in surprise. I’ve never come out and stated one way or another if Hot Shot really is mentally handicapped or if he’s just pretending and I doubt I ever will…I prefer the magic in mystery.

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