Friday, April 18, 2014

Author's Reflections- Comic #141

Since the light level had been getting lower and lower thanks to the power outage, the pictures I took to be cut and pasted onto the Teletraan-1 backdrop mainly had just the camera’s flash for illumination, and naturally turned out blurry. This made it extremely hard to do the cutting and pasting. Add in the fact I still hadn’t completely gotten the hang of cutting and pasting pictures onto different backdrops in the firstplace and it just made for a mess visually.
Storywise, I really like the idea…Deathkill really hadn’t been seen by many Autobots outside of the Peanut Gallery thus far so Bumblebee mistaking him for one of the Primes from another dimension was pretty feasible. Deathkill is supposed to be waving the Optimus Bomb’s arm around in panel 5 and attempting to throw his voice by cupping his hand around his faceplate though of course it’s hard to convey that through toys that have molded fists! Even though Deathkill was obeying an order from megatron I still tried to show he was a nice buy by having him take pity on Bumblebee, albeit in a backhanded insulting way. The Microsoft Toasters and problems reading the laser printer things happening in the background was just stuff I thought of and threw in at the last moment. I think those at least turned out nicely, especially compared to the quality of the pictures.

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