Friday, April 18, 2014

Author's Reflections- Comic #144

The pictures from comic #141 were bad, but these turned out even worse. Add in the fact the angles I took the pictures from didn’t work at all with the perspective Teletraan-1 is in made for a completely awful visual experience. I tried to fix the pictures after cutting and pasting them onto the background as best I could but eventually I just got way too frustrated and accepted them as they were. I do like the dialogue though…Optimus taking Wheeljack’s advice over Perceptor’s was fitting for the characters at the time.
Since I had temporarily disbanded the Peanut Gallery over the last few comics I needed something to toss in at the end. I realized I hadn’t used Wheelie at all since we last saw him being chased by the Primes in comic #50 so I made up for lost time and just included him at the end of the comics for the sole reason of giving him as much bodily harm as I possibly could!

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