Monday, April 14, 2014

Author's Reflections- Comic #140

The first four pictures here definitely suffered in darkness thanks to the power outage. Thankfully the toys can still be seen but it’s still frustrating.
I think this is my favorite comic in the story arc. Doughboy and Ultra Magnus II are always fun to write for and I included the Decepticon Scott, which I haven’t used much at all. I enjoy throwing in the lesser used characters when I have the chance to.
Doughboy and Ultra Magnus II’s lines in the first panel are taken from the movie Team America: World Police, but it was also an easy way of explaining why the Decepticons targeted them in the first place. Doughboy chasing the ice cream truck’s bell and Ultra Magnus II and Scott’s interaction was funny to me but the icing on the cake in my opinion was Megatron’s “Decepticons RETREAT!” line, followed by ‘force of habit’. That part I’m particularly proud of. This comic also marks the first time Deathkill was seen in his truck mode.

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