Thursday, April 10, 2014

Author's Reflections- Comic #125

The most interesting tidbit to mention here has nothing to do with the comic itself. The camera I had been using completely crashed on me so I borrowed one for a while. Admittedly I am NOT technologically proficient whatsoever and when I noticed what appeared to be smears on the pictures I assumed the worst and thought my borrowed camera had problems as well. It took awhile for someone to say it, but I was told it just looked like the lens had a smudge on it and that some cleaning alcohol should clear it up. It worked, but the next handful of comics have the smudge present on all the photos. I’m mainly disappointed in myself for not thinking of a simple solution like cleaning the lense sooner, but at least it makes for an interesting story I suppose.
I wanted Megatron out of the storyline but I also wanted a plan to get him back in the comic after Unicron was taken care of. I figured the best way to do that AND end the truce would be for Megatron to be repaired and wake up in the Autobots’ base…but as usual I’m getting a little too far ahead of the story…

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