Monday, April 14, 2014

Author's Reflections- Comics #135-138






I had been moving into my house for a couple weeks at this point and I still had quite a few boxes left to move and only had one more week to have everything out of my apartment and have it cleaned and ready for inspection. I had one evening free to take the rest of the pictures for the storyline, and of course on that one night I had a power outage. It was early evening right when the sun had started to go down, so I had to work fast. The flash on the camera of course could only compensate for the poor lighting so much so that’s why some of these pictures aren’t the best quality.
Now that I brought Megatron back into the story I wanted the rest of the Decepticons to join him. That was the one and only purpose for these four comics. I really could have meshed them of these into two comics but I was trying to keep building tension until the storyline ended and the shorter comics seemed a good way to do so. Whether it worked or not I can’t exactly say but that was the idea anyway.

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