Monday, April 14, 2014

Author's Reflections- Comic #139

This was the definite beginning of the end of the initial segment of comics. In the Generation 1 cartoon, Megatron suffered from ‘80’s Villain Syndrome’ in which every plan was idiotic and overblown, ‘destined to succeed’ every time but always having an obvious flaw the good guys were able to immediately see and exploit. The plan here was made keeping that in mind. Skywarp’s anthrax line was just my personal dig at the smaller Classics Optimus Prime toy which I found less than stellar. The ‘goggles’ internet meme I referenced is from an older Simpsons episode in which McBain (Arnold Shwarzenegger character) was playing the lead role in a movie based on the comic character Radioactive man…he wore safety goggles since they were dealing with a tidal wave of acid. Milhouse, who was supposed to play Fallout Boy swooping in to save Radioactive Man from the acid, went AWOL before trying to film the scene and McBain was swept away by the wave crying “The goggles! They do nothing! (in his cheesy austrian-esque accent). It was a funny scene but it’s been pounded into the ground thanks to internet chat rooms. I like poking fun of internet memes so I threw it in Hot Shot’s line ‘for the hell of it’ as indicated at the bottom of the panel.

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