Thursday, April 10, 2014

Author's Reflections- Comic #129

‘Controversial’ probably isn’t the best word to describe this particular comic, but it’s probably pretty close. After this the readers really started to question whether Hot Shot was really mentally handicapped or not. I haven’t come out and said one way or another, but his speech patterns and actions here make a strong argument for him faking everything.
However I didn’t write it with that intention at all (even though I planned for the inevitable questioning as indicated by the Peanut Gallery panel). I thought by bringing in a third party to take out Unicron it would open up some possibilities to explore with Optimus and Hot Rod…adequacy issues, resentment towards Hot Shot…none of which I decided were worthy of panning out.
Shottimus Prime was really nothing more than a deus ex machina with one appearance but I’ll say I REALLY wanted to find a reason to bring him back. It had to be a darn good reason though since I didn’t want it to just be an arbitrary guest spot with no point whatsoever.

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