Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Author's Reflections- Comic #393

I remember I went back and forth for the longest time about whether to feature some of the Knockoffs or give the spotlight comic to some other obscure character but I made the choice to give it to the Champions and I’m forever grateful that I did. Whereas a lot of these spotlight comics fall into that middle spectrum, this is one that I knew would be fantastic from the moment of inception. The script went through a couple changes but the idea remained the same: The Champions really thought of themselves as Knockora-Offina’s greatest heroes but when it came down to it they weren’t that much more than children playing make believe. I wanted them to set up the story with these grand backgrounds to enhance their delusions of grandeur, and I have to pay myself on the back…I really think the pictures I used worked so perfectly for what was going on. Again, for someone with my ridiculously remedial photoshopping abilities, a comic that turned out like this was something to be celebrated. To enhance the pictures I sent them through  posterize effect on a photo editing program to make the cut-and-pasted pictures and background really mesh, and I think it really added to the story. I was extremely excited to use Shortround’s fan-created ‘toilet mode’. I’d place this very high on my list of favorite comics.

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