Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Author's Reflections- Comic #400

The final spotlight had no more obvious recipient than the commentary trio. Full comics of the three of them were always a chore to attempt to do right but luckily this one wasn’t too terrible to write. Cliffjumper and Hot Shot’s interaction is really the bread and butter of this comic, but Hound has some good lines too. As I’ve said before there was never any set explanation for how the trio observed what was going on, this is an example of them watching things in real time. I recall one of the readers on the chat board took the picture of Hot Shot punting Cliffjumper offscreen and made one of the ‘motivational picture’ memes out of it, with the caption “Am there anything we can salvages now Cliffjumper?” It definitely made me feel good someone liked the comic enough to do that.

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