Thursday, July 19, 2012

Author's Reflections- Comic #99


I was never quite satisfied with the way #99 turned out. When I shoved the Partialbot strip in right before it I had to cram a lot of things into ten panels. I think it has some really good elements, such as the return of Melasor (the angle of the photoshopped in head turned out really well to my eyes), and the ending worked out just fine but the Knockoffs exiting through the hole wasn’t that pleasing to me story-wise. Also, I didn’t notice Melasor’s dialogue had some screwy wording until I posted it. I think “…MAKING you watch my religion-based movies…” would have worked better than using the word ‘forcing’ two times in the same sentence. I was pretty nervous about even dropping the word ‘religion’ in the strip at all based on the strict rules on the website, but I did it and it went over alright. I think if I had gone any further with it, it wouldn’t have been ok. The ‘ending’ really did leave a lot open. I had no idea at this point if or when I’d have the Knockoffs return through the Blue Hole or if I would eventually follow through with my idea of Hot Shot jumping in to bring back Sh*twave, but I’m so glad I left the hole unsolved because it came in handy when I moved from my apartment into my house. But of course more on that later! 

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