Thursday, July 19, 2012

Author's Reflections- Comics #93-95





I tried to keep Megatron’s character pretty grumpy and indifferent to Optimus and the Autobots during the truces I’ve set forth in the strip. The first panel in #93 is one of the most blatant examples. Like the courtroom scene back in #55-56, the box the trio put all the holes in was a real box I covered up in paint. You can see the reflection in the table. The gigantic Blue Hole was a last minute addition to the script. More on that soon. I think the best part of #94 is Optimus’ cliché foreshadowing comment in panel 2. ‘Moronicons’ was originally just thrown in there as an insult, but eventually I just decided to give them their own Decepticon subgroup (a la ‘Stunticons’, ‘Predicons’, etc;). I can’t help but throw in an Astrotrain mass shifting joke anywhere I can, as seen in #95. There’s a small continuity error in #95 as well, where Grimlock calls the four original Knockoffs ‘Medicorebots’. That was the subgroup name I wanted to go with for them originally but in writing their bios I went with ‘Irritatobots’ instead. They’re the same amount of syllables, it just came down to which one I liked better. Panel #5 is where you can see the signs of my original camera’s demise. The last Panel of #95 is one of my favorite Cliffjumper moments, and Optimus’ comment was the icing on the cake.

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