Thursday, July 19, 2012

Author's Reflections- Comic #100

I definitely wanted to do something big for the landmark #100. Since the last time we had seen Unicron was waaaaaay back in strip #12, I thought it would be perfect to have him show up for the event…but I only wanted him to come in at the very end. I decided for most of the strip it would work to have Optimus and Megatron be the only characters featured trying to work out a truce, then bring in Unicron at the end. I didn’t want to immediately jump into a long story arc again after just finishing the Blue Hole story one strip earlier, but since I enjoy writing, I guess my brain automatically thinks in long-term elaborate storylines. I was very happy with the way strip #100 turned out, even if it’s not the most engaging comic in my vault. I think Unicron’s one line and the huge bugged out cartoon eyes not only on Optimus and Megatron but also Hound, Cliffjumper and Hot Shot turned out really well too.

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