Friday, May 17, 2013

Author's Reflections - Comic #101

When Unicron showed up I wanted to play off his appearance in strip #12, as if he was patiently waiting all this time for Megatron to call but was shunned. In strip #101 I wanted to elaborate on that idea by giving Unicron and Megatron a fight similar to one that two people in a relationship would have when one didn’t call the other when they said they would. I’m in NO way insinuating a relationship between Megatron and Unicron! The funny part (to me, or the way I intended anyway) was Unicron, always shown as the ultimate bad guy in Transformers fiction, being more hurt by the fact he never heard back from Megatron than anything else. I really liked Hound and Hot Shot’s exchange in the Peanut Gallery panel.

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