Friday, May 17, 2013

Author's Reflections - Comic #103

There’s really nothing about this strip that stands out in my opinion. I wanted to get Optimus out of the picture so Unicron and Megatron could have an exchange on their own, and having him tell Unicron he’d go get the Matrix was the easiest way to do that. I remember in panel 4 where Unicron is holding Optimus upside down I took a bunch of rubber bands and wrapped them around Optimus’ feet and Unicron’s hand and had to pull off some funky balancing maneuvers to get both of them to stand up. I think I established a bit of tension between Unicron and Megatron in the last couple panels, though I do wish I had have put Unicron in a ‘talk to the hand’ type of pose for the last one!

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