Friday, May 17, 2013

Author's Reflections - Comic #106

In the original cartoon the Constructicon characters never did get a definitive origin. In their first appearance it was said they were created on Earth after the Autobots and Decepticons crash landed. Another episode showed them years before the Transformers came to Earth on Cybertron in a flashback sequence as neutral characters before Megatron turned them evil. And yet another flashback sequence showed eight of them (there were only six of them) around a table as the creators of Megatron. This joke is another one the fans like to throw around, and that’s the entire premise of the first three panels of this strip.
The rest of the panels were just my excuse to re-do the first strip using photoshop to create a space background and show the characters in a better scale as they were seen in the 1986 movie. Skywarp (the black and purple jet just up above Megatron in panel 4) is shown without most of its accessories as an homage to the TF2005 Funnies Moderator Buzzbeak who created ‘Incomplete Skywarp’ for his own comics. I think out of the three ‘ghost’ visions, Cliffjumper’s is my favorite just based on the dialogue between him and Megatron!

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