Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Author's Reflections- Comic #426


One of the things about this comic that was both a blessing and a curse was the sheer simplicity I prided myself on, especially concerning the backdrop. It made things very easy for me, and it even made for some great jokes, making fun of myself for it. But it could absolutely get monotonous. Getting a different perspective was something I really liked doing but I tried not to do it TOO much in order to make comics like this really stand out. I liked writing this from Maynard’s perspective, seeing exactly what was going on from his point of view during the mode switch. This is definitely one of my favorite comics to come out of this storyline. It’s still incredibly simple but it came together very well.
This comic started the ‘B’ story featuring the commentary trio. I always enjoyed being able to give them their own little arc while simultaneously maintaining their role at the end of each comic.

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