Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Author's Reflections- Comics #421-422




Rather than take the time to feature all the newly upgraded Decepticons on their own, I decided it would be better to just unveil them all at once. I didn’t have plans for most of them down the road save for being used as background fodder so it just didn’t make sense to make a big deal out of all of them. Besides, this storyline was all about cranking out as many upgrades as fast as I possibly could so it was fitting to rush things along.
The way Megatron divided the new characters up into three groups provided for a bit of comedy as well as giving a tiny bit of foreshadowing about who was really going to be featured in future comics. Granted, that wasn’t a hard and fast rule since not all of these characters got much screen time at all (spoilers, haha!). It works for what it is.

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