Monday, August 31, 2015

Author's Reflections- Comic #406

I like this comic for several reasons. I’m still very happy with the dialogue. A lot of times I go back and re read these comics and wish I’d have said something differently or that I’d gone in a different direction so its nice when I’m still satisfied with some of them many years later. I was happy to reveal the “machine” built by Waspinator, Inferno and Quickstrike in their spotlight comic wasn’t just a throwaway background setting and actually had a legitimate use for the story. And Megatron’s loophole in the truce was so straightforward and obvious that it actually made sense. I liked when Megatron could show he wasn’t just a bumbling 80’s villain ALL the time. The ‘Dikityron’ reference to Kup’s story way back in comic #118 fell flat, but the jokes can’t all be golden. I did however like the throwback to Scourge getting worked up over his name once again. That was something I thought I’d use more often after its inception in comic #61 but it quickly went to the wayside.
Hot Shot’s contract says ‘Fart’ at the bottom rather than ‘Poop’ this time around. Obviously I took the highbrow route on that one.

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