Monday, August 31, 2015

Author's Reflections- Comic #410

This comic seems unnecessary in the grand scheme of the story but I wanted to quickly address something right away. Waspinator’s original Beast Wars toy (or the 2006 reissue of it I had been using for the comic) was comprised of many ball joints which were easy to pop apart to simulate him getting constantly blown up like in the TV show. The Animated Waspinator toy had many ball joints as well but they were much more secure than the ones on the Beast Wars toy and I was afraid that if I popped the toy apart many times it would become extremely loose, or worse yet, cause the joints to break entirely. The solution was an easy one, and it provided Waspinator a tiny bit of poetic justice: he now couldn’t get blown apart. In spite of it being nearly superfluous to the overarching plot, I like this comic a lot since it’s Waspinator at his best.

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