Thursday, December 29, 2016

Author's Reflections- Comic #488


The main thing I wanted to accomplish here: Drunk Optimus. I think I succeeded in that. A few inside jokes that I can point out; it’s (somewhat) obvious that ‘fuj’ is supposed to be an f-bomb…I can recall one particularly fun night that I had sent a couple friends a text saying I was ‘drunj as fuj’, and it became something of a running joke with us for a time. The other is “Thanks to Danger Baby for letting you use our stuff”. Another night I was out with friends that I played in a band with, and they had lent some of their music gear to another band who we had gone out to see. The singer was thanking everyone for everything and he never did thank my friends for the use of the gear. I had several too many beverages yet again and I kept yelling “Thanks to Danger Baby for letting you use our stuff”. Not one of my finest hours but my friends thought it was funny that I covered first, second and third person all in the same sentence.

Ratchet streaking in the background of Panel 9 was a nod to his original tech spec that stated he loved to party.

I like that the party was thrown in Hound’s honor but he didn’t even get invited to it.

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