Thursday, December 29, 2016

Author's Reflections- Comic #490


Since the other Autobots had been partying hard it seemed like the perfect opportunity to give the commentary trio the spotlight, and get Cliffjumper and Hot Shot upgraded to match Hound.

For Cliffjumper I used a knockoff of a third party upgrade kit designed for the Classics Cliffjumper toy, which is only a straight repaint of Bumblebee. This provided him with a new head as well as a spoiler and front bumper, but the material used on it is quite fragile. The head and spoiler are sturdy enough but as the comic progresses you may notice the front spoiler begin to miss small pieces as they broke off.

Whether or not to upgrade Hot Shot was another decision that didn’t come lightly. I don’t regret using the new Hot Shot toy as an upgrade but while it had a lot more articulation points than the original Armada Hot Shot, it was actually a lot harder to pose due to poorly designed feet.

I mentioned in the commentary for comic #480 that Hot Shot didn’t want an upgrade at that time…well at this point he apparently did. I like that he was just able to give himself an upgrade because “he didn’t know that he couldn’t do it”. It also provided Cliffjumper with the fuel for some good grumblings.

The last thing to cover was Hound’s explanations in the last panel. There were a few things I realized I needed to explain from the last story and since there was nothing groundbreaking about them, offhanded silly excuses seemed totally acceptable.

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