Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Author's Reflections- Comic #63


It had been awhile since I first introduced the Cybertron Megatron as “Jim”, so I decided it was finally time to give the other Megatrons names as well. I didn’t put any thought into the names at all, I just tacked Scott, Evan and Dewey into the script and assigned who would be who when I took the pictures. The RiD Megatron mold is a little fiddly so I didn’t really want to use it much, so at this point having him leave to ‘go look at the turtles by the pond’ a second time was going to be the start of an ongoing theme that never really came back. It did help me write the biography for Dewey as a Wildlife Biologist. Jut something silly thrown in for the heck of it. For the joke in the Peanut Gallery panel, there was an episode in the original 1908s Transformers cartoon where a group of Autobots were chasing a robot ninja named Nightbird in which all the characters except Cliffjumper made a big leap up to a cliffside. I caught it when watching my DVDs a few years back and whether or not it was an conscious joke by the cartoon writers or not, I thought the irony was hilarious.

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