Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Author's Reflections- Comic #72


Something I never pointed out in the strip was the comparison to the music notes in Megatron’s speech bubble compared to the ones in Optimus’ back in strip #49…obviously, Megatron is a better vocalist! The song here is completely random and cheesy. As noted in the panel, it’s set to the verse melody from Guns N’ Roses quintessential song Welcome to the Jungle. Megatron actually sneezing wasn’t in the original script but I decided to do it while taking the pictures for the strip. Something else small and insignificant is this marks the first time I used the little computer in the strip! It’s actually a radio speaker my dad got at a work convention. It’s come in handy several times. Looking back on it now, I really like the way this strip was set up, even down to the campy ‘rope’ drawn in from MS paint and Megatron’s “I regret nothing!” line.

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