Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Author's Reflections- Comics #74-78







Since the next few strips deal with the same plot I’ll group them together. I also got these knockoffs at a KB Toy outlet, though they’re of much worse quality than the others and pretty inarticulate. I tried not to make them real ‘evil’ characters, even if I did put Decepticon stickers on them. I did my best to portray them as more whiny and second-rate crook-like. For those not familiar with it, the Valkyrie joke comes from the Macross/ Veritech transforming jet design being used for the Jetfire toy in the 80’s. Hasbro had wanted to include the character in the Transformers TV show (character design sheets have surfaced on the internet in past years) but were threatened with a Lawsuit by Bandai if they did so due to the rival Robotech cartoon. Hasbro changed the cartoon model (similar to the Classics Jetfire toy) and renamed the character Skyfire in order to introduce the new character. Knockora-Offina is my not so subtle way of classifying the characters from the Blue Hole as Knockoffs. The dialogue about why there’s so few of them left and their primary export being tears is probably my standout favorite part of these strips.

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