Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Author's Reflections- Comics #67 & 68



After I decided to add even more characters on the Decepticon’s side, I thought having two Shockwaves would open some entertaining ideas. And like so many others, I never really explored them as originally intended. In fact, this strip here has been the only interaction between the two in the lifetime of the comic strip. Shockblast really has been an underused character overall, mainly relegated to standing around in the background. That mianly has to do with the poor poseability of the toy thanks in no small part to the gigantic gun arm which is pretty much one solid piece of plastic with electronics and carries most of the overall weight of the toy. Maybe in the future I’ll throw him out there more often, but there will always be this initial strip to look back on. Hot Shot’s line in the last panel of #67 never sounded right to me…once again it was too wordy. I really should have come up with a better analogy. Live and learn! The panel in #68 that shows the charred Decepticons makes me laugh. The Microsoft Paint add-ins are campy enough to be funny (to me at least), especially Astrotrain’s enormous bug eye.

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