Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Author's Reflections- Comic #73


Right off the bat I threw in a Futurama reference with Megatron’s Crushinator comment. Here we see the first appearance of the initial group of Knockoffs. I got these at a KB Toy Liquidation Outlet for super cheap. They’re of terrible quality but interesting to mess around with. The short Knockoffs (now known as ‘Double Turn’) random lines are straight from real-life exchanges with my friends in the past. I had already put Autobot and Decepticon labels on the Knockoffs I had bought in preparation for this story arc so I realized I had to come up with an excuse for them. The explanation of the characters having them to signify if they’re good or bad worked out alright. Not one of my better ideas, but I could have done worse I think. Up until this point Hot Shot had remained fairly neutral for the most part so I thought I’d have him and Cliffjumper gang up on poor Hound a couple times just to mix things up.

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