Monday, January 26, 2015

Author's Reflections- Comic #250

There’s dialogue in this that I’m still proud of when giving it another read several years later. Grimlock yelling “Dumb fat yellow car” while looking for Bumblebee and Mirage using his invisibility to make a run for it are my favorite parts of the comic.
I had been wanting to spoof the live action Transformer movies for awhile at this point so I was very excited for this new storyline to get underway.
Hot Shot has the best serious face by far.
Something else that is notable to mention is that it was after this comic that I started getting into the mindframe of posting five comics a week and trying to contain entire stories or segments of story arcs into five comics. I had done this minimally before but I can confidently recall it was THIS point that it became a permanent fixture in the comic.

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