Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Author's Reflections- Comics #256-258






By this point it was the summer of 2008, and the next lineup of Classics toys had recently been released. I couldn’t wait to include more updated G1 toys into the comic, so I decided to start a second storyline to run alongside the live action movie spoof.
Looking back over the entire run of the comic, this run holds a special place to me. Ratchet’s articulation upgrading machine is one of my favorite props. As soon as I knew ratchet would be building a machine to reconstruct the G1 characters I immediately got a rush of ideas. I love that Ratchet tested out the machine using (totally “not”) a drinking start which turned it into a bendy straw when it gained articulation. And I had a blast thinking up reasons to explain why some of the upgrades would be with a normal aesthetic and why others would have the aesthetic belonging to the toyline of the next Transformers cartoon, Animated, which mostly consisted of heavily stylized versions of G1 characters as well.
As a side note, I never really cared for the Animated designs but having both it and the new Classics line (which was called Universe) being released at the same time suddenly gave me a huge amount of choices as to which characters got upgrades and which didn’t. It was a great time for me as a writer, and it made me very excited to inject some new characters into the stories, even if that meant some older characters never really got the attention I might have originally intended to give them.
And as a second side note I really feel my excitement over getting new toys to bring new characters into the mix really pushed me to write better. I’ll never say I’m a great writer but it’s always been something I enjoy doing, and with more characters available it really made me think about a variety of characterizations, why these characters would do and say what they’re doing and really strive not to stray too far from what I established them to be (minus obligatory character development of course).

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