Thursday, January 29, 2015

Author's Reflections- Comics #273-275






Although I wanted to stretch this out for the lack of a story, I didn’t feel the need to show all five characters walking out of the machine. I wanted to take a little extra time to explain why Powerglide came out of the machine white (which his updated toy was strangely colored) and I skipped Silverbolt and Sunstreaker’s upgrade debuts completely. I don’t think we missed anything by doing it this way.
The actual explanation for Powerglide being white made no sense, I definitely put no effort into thinking up something plausible but I never thought it was something that needed a good explanation anyway.
Optimus’ ‘conundrum of rational thought’ insult in comic #273 was clunky and needed spelling out but I definitely wanted to poke fun at Powerglide being a MINIbot, yet transformed into a plane. I thought it was silly when I was younger and that transferred to me as an adult. I know a lot of fans didn’t like that Powerglide’s updated toy was one of the bigger size classes but I was one of the few that was happy about it.
The only other thing that needs mentioning in these comics is Grimlock’s line at the end of #275 when he drags out Powerglide’s name. In the first part of the G1 cartoon episode ‘Dinobot Island’ Grimlock said his name in a similar way, pantomiming how Powerglide referred to himself in the third person in a dramatic way. I’m not sure it worked in the setting of this comic.

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