Monday, January 26, 2015

Author's Reflections- Comics #243-246





I didn’t want to waste much time getting Bugbite back into the comic and having him fight the Matrix-mutated Stagg monster was the perfect opportunity to do so. Once again, I wanted the readers to use their imagination for the fight so it occurred totally offscreen. I did try to use Mirage, Jetfire and Grimlock’s reactions as an effect to convey the escalation of the fight…for better or worse of course.
I do like some of the stuff going on with Optimus during these comics…telling Bumblebee to put Bugbite back inside his body, suggesting the Ungas should self destruct themselves to take out both Bugbite and Stagg and generally just being condescending to everyone around him started to elevate him to a whole new level of ineptitude and dickery (I’m hereby campaigning that ‘dickery’ should definitely be a word).

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