Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Author's Reflections- Comic #266

I had to get right back to the fun surrounding Ratchet’s articulation upgrading machine…Grimlock being as small as the deluxe class Classics figure always bugged me but there really weren’t that many alternative toys to use at this point. When a bigger Grimlock toy finally came available I jumped at the chance to upgrade him in the comic (I’ll talk more about which toy that is very soon).
I still like this comic for several reasons, beyond that Grimlock has always been my favorite Transformer character. Getting worked up enough to kick the machine and dislodge the “power booster” seemed like the exact kind of irrational thing Grimlock would do, and I also like the small candle above his head (rather than the typical light bulb) when he gets his ‘great  idea’. If Grimlock really had an uncle I’d think Ghengis would be the perfect name for him. I was even extremely happy with the way the hole in the side of the box turned out!

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