Thursday, January 29, 2015

Author's Reflections- Comic #277

The next obvious Decepticon choice to get an upgrade was the newly released Onslaught, but other than a couple other characters, there weren’t as many new Decepticon toys as there was Autobots so I had to get creative.
I didn’t own the G1 Micromaster Erector until I had the idea to add him to the ranks as an Autobot traitor, and I was able to score one in great shape on eBay for $10. Erector reached notoriety through the Transformers fandom for his suggestive name more than anything else, though I’m happy to say I included him in this comic before fans voted him be a candidate for the Transformers Hall of Fame in 2011. I never really thought of him as a real bad guy in this comic, just someone who got sick and tired of everyone making fun of him so he switched sides out of spite.
Skywarp keeping his arm up for most of the comic wasn’t at all intentional…I didn’t notice until I was halfway through taking pictures that I hadn’t put the toy’s arm down after the first panel and I didn’t want to retake all the pictures. I added in Starscream asking him to put his arm down in panel 4 on the fly…it seemed like something he would say, besides I didn’t want to just leave it as-is without addressing it and of course it seemed like it was something poor dimwitted Skywarp would really do, so it worked out just fine.

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