Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Author's Reflections- Comics #267-269




The next three comics served two purposes: lead up to find out what Grimlock had been upgraded into and to set up the characters that would be upgraded next (though the latter is getting a little too far ahead of myself so I won’t be talking much about that just yet).
It gave me some great Ratchet moments. Ratchet in the G1 cartoon was pretty grumpy so it wasn’t that big of a stretch to use the over cranky old man personality he had in the Animated cartoon. I never really explained why Ratchet suddenly started acting like his Animated counterpart but I think everyone just assumed it was because I used the Animated toy for Ratchet’s upgrade. To be honest I never put too much thought into exactly WHY that would happen at this point, but it was retroactively explained to a certain degree much, MUCH later in the comic’s run.
Looking at Prowl in these earlier comics, he was a little overbearing with his plans…which worked at the time, but his characterization smoothed out once he eventually became a regular, and even tier-one character.
I couldn’t resist having Hot Shot break out his Ninja Turtles costume again in #269 once the ‘80s were brought up by Powerglide.

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