Thursday, January 29, 2015

Author's Reflections- Comic #276



The Autobots weren’t the only ones that had updated G1 characters to recently be released, there were a few Decepticons as well. Obviously Octane was the first to receive the honor of getting an upgrade thanks to Ratchet’s upgrading machine but I needed to figure out a way for other Decepticons to commandeer the machine and get an upgrade of their own. I never wanted to pass up an opportunity to use Starscream’s traitorous power-hungry side and a story quickly unfurled from there. I jumped at the chance to use Skywarp and Thundercracker as well, and #276 marks the first time the original Seeker trio was featured as a group in the comic. All in all this comic featured characters I absolutely loved writing for and I think it showed in the dialogue. As a standalone comic it’s not the greatest but I love it, plus it set up what came after it very nicely.
Some of my favorite lines here are Skywarp, referring to himself, saying “Aw that guy’s fists hurt like hell…”, and Starscream explaining that scientists are more than just pocket protectors and Peanut M&Ms.
For the Commentary trio, Hound’s character had long evolved into the perpetual bright side good guy, but every now and then I liked to show his patience for Cliffjumper was limited.

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