Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Author's Reflections- Comics #261-265






I wanted to really take my time with the Movie Autobots and I probably cut off their story a little too abruptly…but too long to do it. If that make any sense whatsoever! I wanted to play around with the movie scene that the human character is searching for a pair of glasses the Autobots need to find an artifact and Optimus is getting very impatient. At first I actually WAS going to have the movie Autobots find a pair of eyeglasses and use my own pair as a giant prop but I couldn’t figure out a real reason they would need a giant pair of eyeglasses. So I took a week to build it up and explain they were actually looking for a ceremonial set of drinking glasses, which sounded better in my head than it ended up turning out once the comics were said and done. This week of comics has some high points…I like Mirage and G1 Optimus’ arguments about who should really be called Optimus, Movie Optimus getting impatient like he did in the movie and my favorite is G1 Optimus and Movie Bumblebee’s interaction. I loved the idea of the two hitting it off because Bumblebee could be used as one big Jukebox, and Bumblebee being so attention starved from being sent in early as a scout (which of course wasn’t explored in any of the movie media past the first one) that he would even stand to be around the overbearing G1 Optimus. I knew from this moment that no matter where the other movie Autobots ended up, Bumblebee would be sticking around to be part of the cast. Naming him Cuddles was the icing on the cake.
The Peanut Gallery panels for these comics were amusing, and held several digs at the movies on their own, but nothing too extraordinary from my perspective.

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