Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Author's Reflections- Comic #181


This comic definitely kept the storyline going and showed that more than just the main core of characters were in Knockora-Offina but in my view the best part about it is panel 5. The pose worked out well and the Looney Tunes-esque facial expression did it for me. It may not be the most highbrow humor, but a kick to the groin can bring out the 7th grade giggles in most people. So I admit to stooping to the lowest common denominator here for sure! The one and only reason I included Ultra Magnus II in the comic was that I knew the toy had finger articulation and could hold an open hand palm up. What I forgot was that it had an indentation in its palm used to combine with the Optimus Prime of its toyline so having it hold the ball bearings in a way the camera could capture it was more frustrating then intended. But it worked out I think. Those ball bearings came from a drum pad that had several ball bearings enclosed in its underside to simulate a snare drum sound. The size worked perfect so I pried a couple out of the pad, took the pictures and put them right back in the casing. I think most men have had to endure that particular pain Mirage was in, so I have a feeling many readers may have been reacting the same way Hound and Cliffjumper were there in the commentary panel…

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