Thursday, May 8, 2014

Author's Reflections- Comics #195-198





From Cliffjumper’s comment in the Peanut Gallery of comic #195 its obvious I realized I needed to move the story along, as much as I would have liked to continue writing for Shockwave and Waspinator. As silly as this comic is I didn’t want to mess too much with other continuities, especially one I respect as much as Beast Wars. At the point that Waspinator would have come through the Purple Hole was after Beast Wars had ended, so bringing other characters that had died in the series into Knockora-Offina would have worked within that story. Quickstrike and Inferno were great characters that I thought had the potential to add a lot to the comic, so they were an easy choice. As usual, my ideas to use them often never really happened but they have been nice backup characters to use whenever I get an idea for them. Unlike Waspinator who I assumed would latch onto the first person he met out of desperation for attention, Inferno and Quickstrike seemed like the type that wouldn’t settle on following just anyone, so I do like the way I had them insult Shockwave, blast Waspinator and take off to find someone better. Waspinator’s line about having a finger for Shockwave is probably my favorite line out of these four comics.
Also of note to mention is that I remember wasn’t pleased at all with the way the pictures were turning out, so the angles were constantly changing, as was very evident in the Peanut Gallery panels.

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