Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Author's Reflections- Comic #219

This comic is one that always stands out in my mind. Not because it was that incredible but because it introduced toys from the highly sought after 2007 Botcon box set. I was fortunate enough to find one for a very reasonable price (compared to what it typically sold for at that time) and couldn’t wait to finally complete the Decepticon Jet team (“Seekers”) in the comic. I did have some inner conflictions in using such expensive toys in a photo comic but I was extremely careful with them. The idea that Thundercracker, Dirge, Thrust and Dreadwind were simply “just standing offscreen the whole time” came from South Park; it was the exact same reason they gave for Kenny showing back up at the end of the season in which they had “permanently” killed him off. It’s simple and makes little sense but it appealed quite a bit to me that these four would have actually been through everything the original characters in the comic would have. Most importantly it was an excuse I could fall back on to get out of getting the new characters ‘caught up’ on what had happened previously. For the Gallery panel, I definitely agree with Cliffjumper. After only having 3/6 of the original Seeker jets, I couldn’t get over how awesome it looked to finally have all six of them displayed on my shelf.

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