Thursday, May 8, 2014

Author's Reflections- Comic #200

Since Unicron made his debut in Comic #100 I thought the logical thing to do for #200 would be to introduce the benign Transformer God, Primus. The photoshopping against the space background isn’t that great since I was still struggling to get the pictures to turn out clear. It made sense that Primus wouldn’t be too happy with the way things were going, and to have him attempt to warn Optimus cryptically seemed like something a deity would do. It took a LONG time for this idea to really come to fruition, but my intention was always that the paradoxes stemmed from the Beast Wars dimension, rather than any of the other continuities, since the Beast Wars happened in the same timeline as generation One. Does that make sense? The reason this comic is split into two ten-panel pieces is that at the time TFW2005 only allowed ten pictures per post so I had to split it up. I really could have done a Peanut Gallery panel at the very end, but I wanted to keep it at an even twenty panels.

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