Thursday, May 8, 2014

Author's Reflections- Comics #190-192




Comic #190 was my way of filling in the gap between what happened to Waspinator between the end of Beast Wars and the events of Beast Machines. [If you’re unfamiliar with Beast Wars and Beast machines, I suggest looking it up on a Transformers Wikipedia site] It was never fully explained in the Beast Machines cartoon, so I had an easy out. I like Cliffjumper’s line about the socket wrench in the Peanut Gallery panel.
Comic #191 introduced the ‘Purple Hole’, the one that connected Knockora-Offina to the Beast Wars Universe. It hasn’t been shown as often as the Blue Hole or Plot Hole, mainly because its use is pretty narrow. Shockwave kicking Waspinator into the hole seemed to fit perfectly with something that would happen to poor Waspinator in the Beast Wars cartoon. Hot Shot’s line in the Peanut Gallery panel is accurate as usual.
At the time I was VERY happy with the way the photoshopping of Waspinator halfway through the hole turned out in Comic #192 but looking back on it, there were some major scale issues…but since scale is a taboo notion in the world of Transformers I guess I can forget about it. I do wish I had shrunk Waspy down a little bit more, however.

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